Testing HTML canvas

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Created: 10.1.2023, 19:45 - Updated: 11.1.2023, 14:31

Entropy event ads are made by Entropy members who do not necessarily have any technical skills. There are all kinds of event descriptions and editing them must be easy.

So I set out to make it possible to set some kind of background effect to the description of the event. I first looked for all kinds of effects but ended up choosing this. When editing the description of the event, you can now select an effect. I already made a selection setting for this. I also made a setting that allows you to determine how visible the effect is, so that the user has at least some possibility to adjust the effect.

Event descriptions will therefore come to life with the Canvas element in question. I also thought of adding snowfall and maybe fireworks as effects.

TV static noise effect Entropyn tapahtumat