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Realtime AI Mirror

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Created: 7.4.2024, 20:24 - Updated: 8.4.2024, 10:06
2.3.2024, 22:00


Entropy organized an event on March 2nd, 2024. The theme of the event was Reflections. From this, I got the idea that I wanted to create a mirror where people could see themselves as old or young.


At the event venue, there was an empty room, relatively small for other uses, so I reserved it for this project. The installation consisted of a camera, a computer, and a television. The camera captured real-time video. Periodically, a picture was taken from this video on the computer, which was then sent to the cloud for processing by AI. After processing, the edited image was downloaded back to the computer and displayed on the television. The delay caused by this processing was from five to ten seconds.

After the event, we had over 85,000 pictures to go through. First, I removed duplicates, reducing the number of pictures to 65,000. Then, I manually went through the pictures. I deleted images of the empty room, people whom AI had stripped of clothing, and some images that were too similar. After this, there were 11,800 pictures remaining, from which I made a video. Each picture is displayed for 0.2 seconds, resulting in a video length of just over half an hour. I also added my own mix to the background.


At some point during the event, people turned off the lights in the room. As a result, some great pictures were taken, such as this one. 2024-02-04_03-53-37_e30v-realtime-ai-mirror.jpg

It's also good that people may recognize themselves in the pictures based on what they're wearing, but no one can recognize someone else. 2024-02-04_08-24-58_e30v-realtime-ai-mirror_1.jpg

Young space adventurer 2024-02-04_04-19-32_e30v-realtime-ai-mirror_1.jpg

Here's the video:

e30v ePics