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Helsinki UG partymap

Created: 5.12.2022, 16:22 - Updated: 14.12.2022, 17:38
13.11.2019, 16:02


Underground parties are by definition illegal, unknown to police and do not have rules. This kind of parties happen all the time in Helsinki and are held in different places on obvious reasons.

I created a Map of helsinki undergroud parties locations where I have been or I only know that there has been this kind of party. I wanted to present this on hazy way so that it is really hard to really know the locations but they are on a map so that you can imagine the locations.

I used one sound dispersion panel as a medium and blue paper and pins to present the map.

Made as a part of course TAI-E3140 - Local Agencies in the Field of Art


I'm still adding pins to this.