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Created: 10.12.2023, 23:49 - Updated: 22.12.2023, 10:01
1.4.2006, 20:00


Entropy co-organized the Housenation: X The Legacy party in 2006. At that time, TKY was giving up furniture for rental apartments, which led to a large number of beds available in Otaniemi. These beds had a large plywood base. These plywood bases were used by Entropy as material in many decorations.


When Entropy decided to go and organize this event, people were asked what kind of decorations we should do for this event. I went to bed one evening and had a dream about a flying ant and got the idea for this decoration.

Building the artwork

So the idea was to build an ant-looking piece of art. We took two bed bases from Otaniemi and cut them into shape. We cut one base in half and installed it on the second plywood with hinges. We used hinges so that the decoration would not take up much space in transport. For the wings, we built the projections shown in the picture out of iron wire and UV thread. When joined together, the parts looked like dream ant.

The work can be seen at the top of this picture. I haven't seen any other picture of it.